APIOPA Hosts a Pickling Workshop


By Scott Chan

APIOPA organized its first pickling workshop this past Sunday, November 8th at Farm Organic Cuisine in Monterey Park. We heard from our Roots CSA subscribers this past year that we needed to help them figure out how to use those unique items in their veggie bags. As someone who has been a subscriber to the CSA since the beginning, I’ll be honest that there were times where I just didn’t know what to do with my daikon. People always share that I should pickle it, but too often I wondered if any of us truly knew how to pickle!

For this workshop, we worked closely with Jessica Wang (our star volunteer who is also a star in the culinary world).


A little tidbit on Jess (featured above):  Jess is a former pastry professional who identifies as a food preserver. In early 2014 Wang was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and has since sought a more intentional lifestyle for well-being and hopes to promote wellness in her community. Wang volunteers her time with APIOPA and we are so thankful!


At the workshop, Jess taught the over 25 participants how to make 2 types of pickles. Lucky for you we are including those yummy recipes here! Please try them out, take some pictures, and share with us!

2. Daikon & Carrot Vinegar Pickle: http://www.rootscsa.org/daikon-and-carrot-vinegar-pickle/

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