APIOPA Hosts Fruitful Summer Mixer!


*Photo credit: Mike Murase, Sina Uipi

This past week APIOPA hosted a summer mixer where we invited new and old friends to network, eat yummy food, and to learn about what APIOPA is up to.

Here’s a few key points we shared. Over this next year, with your help/involvement, APIOPA plans to do 3 big things:

  • Make Asian fruits and veggies more affordable to all community members through our Roots CSA program.

  • Make the streets of Chinatown safer for bicyclists and pedestrians, so cars are not constantly in duels with my aunties and uncles on the streets.

  • Bring Asian Americans outdoors in to nature to not only encourage greater use of our national treasures, but also to engage our communities on discussions of why access to nature is so difficult for people of color.

If these programs speak to you, please consider becoming an APIOPA sustainer!

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