APIOPA Meets with KPCC’s Take Two

IMG_20160114_133625By Scott Chan

Thanks to our friend Quincy Surasmith, we received an invitation to talk with producers/reporters/staff with KPCC’s Take Two. The meeting was an invitation to many API-serving organizations across LA County to come and chat with the radio station’s crew about possible stories, ways for collaboration and more.

I walked away from the meeting somewhat hopeful. While the work/outreach on API health has not been super in the past, it was definitely a good start for them to even host this type of meeting. A good test for whether or not they care about API communities is if they take the feedback we gave them at the meeting, and actually do something with it. 

IMG_20160114_150800In my small group, I shared with the producer that often times when we meet reporters, the relationship is very one-way. They come in, throw a microphone in your face, collect the story and you never hear from them again. While I understand deadlines, and I understand that reporters have to keep moving to new stories to stay up-to-date, I wonder if we can make changes so that reporters and producers go one level deeper and spend time IN our communities with us. Going to an event here or there is nice, but how about you volunteer on one of our boards?

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