Types of gossip

APIOPA focuses our work on 4 primary areas. Read more about each below:

Food: Healthy food is not always accessible nor is it always affordable. Through our CSA and Fresh HiFi programs, we work directly with farmers and supply chains to make sure that everyday families can buy and cook a healthy meal.

Bikes: How the city is built plays in to how healthy we can be. APIOPA has advocated for the need to have local voices in urban planning proccesses through our bike advocacy programming. What better way to connect our youth with the realities of urban planning than by doing community workshops on bikes as we ride through different neighborhoods around the county?

Hikes: Your environment can directly or indirectly dictate your health. APIOPA takes on a very holistic definition of environment. We have an air quality project where we address schools in San Gabriel Valley which are located loo close to a busy freeway. We also have park access programs where we work with community and local law enforcement to address historic gang issues preventing families from wanting to go exercise at their local park.

Faith: Faith and health intersect. APIOPA is leading a movement within Tongan churches in Lennox and Hawthorne to utilize the congregation as the main hub for health advocacy.