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Walk the Walk Challenge January 2016!

Check out the promo video for our big WALK the WALK challenge coming up January 2016. Sign up now and find out how you could WIN MONEY by being healthy! More info here:

New Report Released! Advantaging Communities: Co-Benefits and Community Engagement in the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund

“Advantaging Communities focuses on environmental justice policy recommendations for GGRF investments in “disadvantaged communities” (DACs) that maintain a primary focus on Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reductions, while maximizing environmental, public health and economic co-benefits, and engaging in authentic community partnerships. This report… Read More

APIOPA’s Hike to Eaton Canyon Falls

This past weekend, APIOPA led a fun, family-friendly hike up to Eaton Canyon Falls.  The 3.5 mile hike took our group roughly 2 hours. On the way our hike leaders educated us about interesting info on plants and… Read More

Our Stories vs “Their Stories”

By Sina Uipi Last week, we continued another great session of POTOPOTO ‘A NIU MUI. The theme was still the same, which was to explore our aka (roots), but this time we had a different proverb, which was… Read More

#givingTuesday 2015, support APIOPA!

APIOPA signed up as a partner organization for #givingTuesday, a campaign to create a national day of giving at the start of the annual holiday season. It celebrates and encourages charitable activities that support non-profit organizations. Each year, we… Read More

Youth Environmental Equity Tour

A few weeks ago, APIOPA was apart of organizing a youth environmental equity tour from Lennox to Koreatown. Some local Tongan youth joined us and they enjoyed the tour and learned about the different projects going on in… Read More

Community Building from a FABulous Perspective

By Sharayne Tuala Two weeks ago I attended the first Faith Advisory Board (FAB) session. I had no idea or expectations for this first session. All I knew was that I was attending this session to show support… Read More

APIOPA Hosts a Pickling Workshop

By Scott Chan APIOPA organized its first pickling workshop this past Sunday, November 8th at Farm Organic Cuisine in Monterey Park. We heard from our Roots CSA subscribers this past year that we needed to help them figure… Read More

Hike Eaton Canyon With APIOPA This November!

Last month we had a great turnout for our hike to Dante’s Peak. Check out pictures here: This next month, we’ll be checking out Eaton Canyon to see if we can find that elusive waterfall given California’s drought…. Read More

Launch of FAB Curriculum, POTOPOTO ‘A NIU MUI, Was A Success!

Hawthorne United Methodist Church We finally did it!! We are so happy and proud with how our launch went for the FAB curriculum, POTOPOTO ‘A NIU MUI. It was a success and the turnout was way better than… Read More