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Join the APIOPA Hiking Crew

By Scott Chan This past Sunday APIOPA took a hike up at Griffith Park to learn more about the Griffith Park South Water Recycling Project, which is a fancy/long way of saying there is money being invested to… Read More

RSVP for the Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round Hike!

#TBT Local Youth Analyze Air Quality, Advocate for Policy Change

I was looking through our old blogs and saw this from over 3 years ago! A lot has changed since then! Thought I’d share for #TBT. 🙂 By Scott Chan Over the past school year, the Asian and… Read More

Do you care about your parks? Well step up and speak out!

By Scott Chan Hello friends. As I have been sharing, the Department of Parks and Rec is going through a huge process of assessing every single park in Los Angeles County. Yes. Every. Single. Park. They are conducting community… Read More

Gabrielino Trail Hike! Click for Pics

By Scott Chan This past weekend we hiked along the Gabrielino Trail. If you’re looking for a flat trail that shows you a wealth of nature (AND is close by), I would highly suggest you scope this out…. Read More

Linking Air Pollution, Climate Change, and Obesity

By Scott Chan Over the past year, APIOPA received a grant to work with the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) to conduct workshops with local middle schools, high schools and colleges around air pollution. Wait, what is APIOPA… Read More

New Report Released! Advantaging Communities: Co-Benefits and Community Engagement in the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund

“Advantaging Communities focuses on environmental justice policy recommendations for GGRF investments in “disadvantaged communities” (DACs) that maintain a primary focus on Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reductions, while maximizing environmental, public health and economic co-benefits, and engaging in authentic community partnerships. This report… Read More

Youth Environmental Equity Tour

A few weeks ago, APIOPA was apart of organizing a youth environmental equity tour from Lennox to Koreatown. Some local Tongan youth joined us and they enjoyed the tour and learned about the different projects going on in… Read More

APIOPA Travels to San Diego to Advocate for Clean Air

By Scott Chan Last Thursday, Scott and Kyle carpooled (because you know, air pollution and all) to San Diego to meet with the US and Taiwan Environmental Protection Agencies to discuss the next steps of our local air… Read More