Fresh HiFi – Our First Store


By Ailene Ignacio

After a year of searching and building relationships, APIOPA finally has its first corner store partner for the Fresh HiFi corner store transformation project: Don Baraton Discount Store. The business is located in southeast Historic Filipinotown, near Belmont High School and Pilipino-based St. Columban Parish in Los Angeles. The discount store is run by the Arellanos, a local Latino family.


Their store primarily caters to the needs of the next-door laundromat-goers.  They also sell a variety of other items, including snacks and beverages, to local residents and nearby students. However, very few of these options could be considered healthy. This is something that both the Arellanos and Team APIOPA are looking to change for the long-run.


Our partnership with Don Baraton has been strong and consistent. The Arellanos have been very enthusiastic about participating in the Fresh HiFi project since we first approached them in late August. Now, we can proudly say that we are moving forward with a rather swift timeline, and are looking to have fresh produce in their store inventory by February 2014. The Arellanos are so excited that they’re already moving forward by selling more healthy snacks and beverages, including granola bars and 100% juices.

If you would like to become a part of the Fresh HiFi project and/or support our first partnership with Don Baraton, please contact Ailene Ignacio via phone at (213) 553-9396 or via email:

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