Guest Blog by FAB Member Kelepi Ahoia


By Kelepi Ahoia

Being a part of developing some amazing content for F.A.B’s curriculum has given me so much insight for the Tongan community to improve and reclaim the healthy lifestyle our ancestors began many years ago. During this process, we discussed a vision where we hope to witness the Tongan community become more socially conscious by first looking at what we currently know about our health and culture, understanding it, and then hopefully it’ll lead to changing behaviors that will benefit us in the long run. This is a collective process of passionate Tongan community members who have committed their time to building a well-structured curriculum that we hope will impact the community to take better care of their health.

I understand how important our culture is, so we decided to include the cultural aspect to keep us connected to our history and our identity. It is also the binding component that we hope will be appealing enough to the community in a way that will interest them to be a part of this work that is necessary. We also want to bring a sense of alertness to open the doors and minds for our community to be more fully aware of prevention and the steps they could take to address health issues. In addition, we are building leaders to guide the future generation that will be spiritually and physically strong to lead their churches in a positive direction.

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