How to Level Up Your Nonprofit Experience: The Health Fair


By Scott Chan

This past Saturday, our interns from UCLA had quite the experience collecting surveys around bike and pedestrian safety in Chinatown.


If you have never been to a health fair, let me give you an idea of what it is like. To your left there are long lines for the free services (flu shots, blood pressure screenings, etc). To your right there are the tables for community groups, nonprofits, and for profit companies trying to sell you the next big health item (powdered ginseng pills anyone?). It’s on this right side that can be a bit overwhelming, especially when there are free items available and it’s on this same right side that we put our new interns. What better way to learn about community outreach and survey collection than in the thick of it all? Oh and top of it all…trying doing it in language.


*intern using her phone to figure out how to share about bicycle and pedestrian safety

By the end of the fair, our interns collected over 40 surveys, which is very impressive given each survey takes at least 10 minutes to complete. We are in the process of tabulating the results and will share soon.

Our surveys have shown in the past that many older adults have nearly been hit by cars in Chinatown. How can we encourage more walking when the engineering of the streets makes it unsafe to do so?

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