Kellogg Foundation Conference on Creating Food Hubs: Day 3

The final day of the Kellogg conference on food hubs concluded with a tour of Portland. Yes, Portland, Kentucky. It is a neighborhood northwest of Louisville. There was a lot of interesting things to see, including a small, formerly vacant lot of land that the city sold to a community member for $50, and she now uses that land to grow crops that she sells back to local markets.

After that we visited a nonprofit called Louisville Gardens, which works with the city of Louisville to lease vacant land and use it to run community gardens, run a farmers coop, and randomly rent to people who want to grow crops. One such man that we met today uses the land to grow crops for older adults at his church. He gives them each a box of different fragrant yummy veggies that are easy to cook, recipes, and an Inspiring passage from the Bible. He does this all in his spare time!

 This conference has overall been amazing because of two big things. One, they gave us an in depth training on how to establish successful food hubs, which has given me a lot to bring back to the team for our CSA. Two, I had the wonderful opportunity to befriend some great people doing food work who I plan on keeping in touch with. It’s so great to know that we have food allies in Hawai’i, New Mexico, Colorado, Oregon, Iowa, and Michigan, just to name a few. I think if we are able to keep in touch and share best practices, we can definitely help push the food justice work ahead!

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