Keppel Students Take a Field Trip to the Claremont Colleges


By Kyle Tsukahira

On February 21st, Mark Keppel students who are involved with Promoting Youth Advocates (PYA) took a field trip to the Claremont Colleges. The day was a mix of leadership/communication workshops led by Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics (LEAP), a tour of the 5 campuses of Claremont, culminating with a 3D printer tutorial.

This all came about because APIOPA, Advancing Justice, Pitzer College, and PYA are all working on a spiffy air quality project to understand the environmental impacts of Mark Keppel High School being located directly next to the busy 10 freeway. A field trip to the Claremont Colleges just seemed to make sense.

  1. Pitzer students from Todd Honma’s class on Asian Am and STEM are tasked to help us figure out how to make our own air sensors using arduino programming and 3D printing tech. Why not bring Keppel students and Pitzer students together since it’ll expose Keppel students to STEM education, while also providing a chance for Pitzer students to learn about the community they’re trying to help?
  2. Why not bring Keppel students on a tour of a college campus that’s not the typical UC, USC, or Cal State? While it is an expensive school, there were plenty of Pitzer students who offered their experiences on scholarships that made paying for school viable.
  3. Especially because we are working with a STEM class, why not give a tour of some of the coolest related STEM majors and the resources given to those students at the Claremont Colleges? (robotics lab, observatory to see sunspots, the biology lab, etc) At the same time, this is also an Asian Am group. Why not expose Keppel students to Asian American Studies?
  4. Pitzer has a 3D printer that was can use. Where else can we provide the Keppel students with a chance to scope out a 3D printer in action?

A few pictures from our tour!


The robotics lab. Super cool.


Until Asian American studies is offered in high schools, we have to do our best to expose them in other ways!


Live showing of a 3D printer!


The students were very surprised at the decadence of the school. “Why isn’t this school crowded?”

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