Kumi Fonua

HAPPY NEW YEAR from the FAITH ADVISORY BOARD (FAB)!! So far, we have done a total of five sessions, but the photo below was taken last week at our very FIRST session of 2016! Our first two themes were broken up into four sessions, which were about AKA (root) and MO’UI (life).


Here is some background on FAB and why the work we’re doing is so important!

Illness has been a stealth killer of many of our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and children. This can either continue to be our reality or we can create solutions for our families and our community…TOGETHER. The Faith Advisory Board (FAB) project was created to bring young leaders from our different churches together to create those solutions so that less of our loved ones are claimed by disease. We hope to foster a new wave of leaders in our Tongan community who can be faithful learners and teachers of wellness so a strong and healthy generation can rise up to live out the dreams of our parents. The FAB curriculum is rooted in Tongan culture and history while teaching a framework of health and wellness as the foundation of a thriving Tongan community in America.


This session was about the environment and how it impacts our health. The theme was  (relationship), which is the way in which people are connected. Our health is more than just our personal responsibility; it is affected by our surroundings and conditions that we didn’t create ourselves. Understanding the importance of with our environment and our neighbors can help us see our world very differently; it can help us want a healthier world.

Check out what some of our amazing FAB members shared about their experience!






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