Langa Fonua

Illness has been a stealth killer of many of our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and children. This can either continue to be our reality or we can create solutions for our families and our community…TOGETHER. The Faith Advisory Board (FAB) project was created to bring young leaders from our different churches together to create those solutions so that less of our loved ones are claimed by disease. We hope to foster a new wave of leaders in our Tongan community who can be faithful learners and teachers of wellness so a strong and healthy generation can rise up to live out the dreams of our parents. The FAB curriculum is rooted in Tongan culture and history while teaching a framework of health and wellness as the foundation of a thriving Tongan community in America.
In such a short amount of time, the FAB curriculum tugs at your heart and a deep connection is made to our Island Home of Tonga, reminding us WHO  we are and WHERE we come from. During the sessions that I’ve attended, a feeling of respect, and humility overwhelms me as I sit and listen to everyone share their experiences, feelings, and LOVE. I am grateful to have the opportunity to learn from such passionate people who are devoted to preserving the Tongan customs and sharing the Tongan Culture with me. Thank you for making the connection, Sina, Alisi, Fifita, and Kulaea. Malo e ngaue!
 ‘Ofa lahi atu,
Melenaite Fifita

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  1. Naite, your writing tugged at my heart! I love it sis. It’s great to be on this journey through FAB with you.

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