Launch of FAB Curriculum, POTOPOTO ‘A NIU MUI, Was A Success!

IMG_0363Hawthorne United Methodist Church

We finally did it!! We are so happy and proud with how our launch went for the FAB curriculum, POTOPOTO ‘A NIU MUI. It was a success and the turnout was way better than we expected! There were about 15 people, men and women in their 20’s and older, from different faith backgrounds. I’d like to acknowledge the Samoans that were present, and for being open to learn about another culture and being in fellowship with everyone. I remember thinking during the development process, if we just get at least 5 people, that’s a win for me! But we got 15 instead, and that showed me that not only are people interested in learning this, but there is a need for it in our community as a whole.

IMG_0345Great discussion on Tongan values

Our goal was to make an impact by learning about our history and how it has shaped Tongan society and its values, that are still very much in tact today. I think we achieved this goal by making it as fun and engaging as we could, I know people walked away with something new that they learned. I know it’ll take some time for folks to get use to being in this type of space, and we will do our best to nurture it as much as we can so they feel more comfortable each time they come back. For us facilitators, there is always room to grow, and we will definitely continue to be strategic in our development and build off of each session. Stay tuned for some more insight from participants and their experience of the first session, AKA.