Marathon: Injury Clinic


By Sina Uipi

I’ve missed out on the past few weeks of training, but I’m so proud of my fellow team members for continuing to build up their miles and completing a 10k.  It was good to finally be back this past weekend because we had an injury prevention clinic hosted by our substitute coach, Coach Christie.  I was eager to attend because I was concerned about some pain in my feet I had a couple weeks ago after breaking in my new running shoes. But Coach Christie answered a lot of questions and I felt relieved after hearing her speak on common injuries that can occur while training for a marathon. The importance of healthy nutrition couldn’t have been stressed enough, and I definitely needed that reminder, especially eating before and after a run. We also learned about the importance of strength training, which is beginning to make a lot more sense to me now that we’ve begun doing it as our midweek training. I can already feel a difference in flexibility as a result of the strength training, and it pushes me to get my miles in during the week as well. This marathon training is something brand new for me, even though I come from an athletic family, running was never our main sport. But I am so grateful for this challenge and the team behind it to make sure we cross that finish line!

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