No Red Meat Challenge


The Rules:

  • No red meat (beef specifically) for 1 entire month. September 15th to October 15th.
  • This is based on an honesty system. If you eat red meat, you are out of the running!
  • There is a$20 buy-in for this challenge. At the end of the month, we will split the remaining money with all the participants who complete the challenge, after APIOPA takes a small donation (25%) to cover staff time for coordinating this.
    • For example, if 50 people start, and 30 make it to end, the 30 people split $1,000 (minus APIOPA small donation).
  • You cannot be a vegetarian, pescetarian, or vegan before starting this. You need to start giving up red meat when this challenge begins.

We are here to help!

  • Giving up red meat cold turkey is no easy task! Everyone who signs up for this challenge will be added to a e-newsletter list. On this e-newsletter we will provide you articles, videos, and recipes on how to stay healthy without red meat in your kitchen.

How to enter to eat healthy and win $$$:

  1. Sign up for the challenge here
  2. Once you receive an email confirmation, please send us a check for $20, made to “Special Service for Groups” (that’s our parent agency). Please mail that check to:
    1. APIOPA
      905 East 8th Street
      Los Angeles, CA 90021

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