First F.A.B. Meeting of The Year!


By Sina Uipi

On November 12th, APIOPA held our first official Faith Advisory Board, or F.A.B., meeting at Lennox United Methodist Church for the year. There were a handful of us, but we got a lot of great dialogue and momentum out of it. My mentor always says, “It doesn’t matter if there is two or twenty people in the room, as long as you tell your story, it’ll make an impact.” I have carried those words with me into this work and into many other aspects of my life because it’s the truth. One of the goals for the meeting was that everyone would leave feeling empowered and inspired to be apart of something that has amazing potential. I think we reached that goal and are off to an awesome start with F.A.B.

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APIOPA’s Table Tennis Fundraiser Is a Hit!


By Scott Chan

It has already been a week since APIOPA has our first-ever table tennis fundraiser. Thank YOU for making it a success. We had over 100 people in attendance atPeking Tavern in Downtown LA, meaning that all tickets were sold out! All the funds generated from this fundraiser will go far, from providing fresh fruits and vegetables to community members in need, to helping us advance the work we are doing to fight the fast-growing rate of diabetes amongst Asians and Pacific Islanders in Los Angeles County.

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APIOPA Visits Canada: Receives Airbeam Sensors to Continue Youth Work!

By Kyle Tsukahira

Kyle recently had the opportunity to attend the 2014 NAAEE conference in Ottawa, Canada to participate the Global Environmental Education Partnership steering committee meeting with representatives from Japan, South Korean, New Zealand, Taiwan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Canada, and the United States. APIOPA would like to extend a huge thank you to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for bringing us out to the conference to share a little bit about the environmental justice air quality work we are doing with high school youth in the San Gabriel Valley!
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Faith Advisory Board (FAB)


By: Sina Uipi

In Tongan society, the church is the center of the community. It embodies the very entity of our religious beliefs along with our cultural customs and values. I refer back to my childhood, when I use to spend a lot of time at church, which is also the birthplace of my leadership journey. I was a young, first generation, working class Tongan-American girl who was trying to make sense of the intersection of faith, spirituality, cultural traditions, progressive ideology, social justice, politics, and so much more. I am grateful for all the lessons, experiences, and opportunities I have had of attending church camps, youth retreats, and leadership programs throughout my childhood. It gave me amazing relationships I built over the years, and it truly was the foundation of my confidence to become a great leader. And now I have finally made some sense of it all.

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A Working Perspective on Roots CSA

Paul CSA

By Paul Nguyen

My name is Paul Nguyen, and I’m one of the newest Project Specialists for APIOPA. I have been working on the CSA program for about a 1½ years now, and nothing has put my work into perspective like APIOPA’s recent trip to Fresno. After a nearly 4-hour drive from San Gabriel Valley to the Central Valley, and miles and miles of farmland, we finally reached Mr. Her’s farm. As he came to greet us, our tour immediately began. We walked around 10+ acres of land in Clovis, California, a small city near Fresno. Mr. Cha Her began to share his knowledge of farming and personal farming experience.

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No Red Meat Challenge


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The FRESH Space Summer Program 2014: Taking Our Community Back!


5 weeks – 4 HiFi residents – 3 mapping days – 2 community asks – 1 life-changing experience!

The student-inspired, youth-led Finding Reasons to Eat Smart and Healthy, or FRESH, Space Summer Program – 2014 has officially come to a close. In the past 2 months, our FRESH Space Summer (FSS) team walked and mapped all of Historic Filipinotown. For a more detailed description of the program, CLICK HERE.

HiFi Map


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The 2014 Bike to Japan Program Ends: 6,000 Mile Goal Reached!

By: Kyle Tsukahira

Sunday, August 24th, 2014 – After a mentally and physically challenging 65 mile marathon ride from the San Gabriel Valley to Long Beach and back, the youth participants of the 2014 Bike to Japan program officially reached their 6,000 mile goal!  In fact, the BTJ youth, staff, and volunteers collectively biked a whopping 7,615.8 miles all over Los Angeles County! For a breakdown of all our rides click: HERE

During our marathon ride we had the opportunity to recap all the places we’ve been and the things we talked about in our “Connecting the Dots” workshop. We created 1 poster paper for each ride that we’ve done and we had the youth fill out 2-4 post-it notes per poster about what they learned or took away from each ride. The youth did a walk through of each poster to read and reflect on what everyone else wrote.

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Traffic Safety Research in Chinatown


In the past week, APIOPA was able to collect 59 intercept surveys from pedestrians in Chinatown about their perceptions of traffic safety. While the surveying process continues, the results so far seem to confirm what state traffic accident records indicate — Chinatown vehicle traffic makes for an unsafe walking environment. Nearly half of all respondents indicated they had a near miss with a car when walking in Chinatown, and nearly all indicated that they would walk and bike more if improved pedestrian and cyclist safety infrastructure was implemented.

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A Few Steps Closer to a Healthier HiFi


By Ailene Ignacio

This summer, with the encouragement of our FRESH Space youth, APIOPA has begun our FRESH Space Summer Program. The intent of the 4-week program is to engage local residents, especially high school students, to be more proactive about changing their local neighborhood so that healthy food options aren’t a rare site to see. But before we could make the argument that food justice work is even necessary in their community, the youth decided that there needed to be evidence supporting the claim that Historic Filipinotown is a food desert and in need of healthy food access projects, such as APIOPA’s Fresh HiFi – corner store transformation – project. So our FRESH Space Summer team took it to the streets!

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