Fuh-fuh Focus on Me! – Reflections on Focus Groups #IdealAsianBody

One of our awesome interns, Uyen Hoang, shares about her experience researching for the #IdealAsianBody social media campaign, a joint venture with our friends at Thick Dumpling Skin.


By Uyen Hoang

For the #IdealAsianBody campaign, Jasmine and I have been running focus groups with students at our respective colleges to dig a little deeper and unearth stories of people’s experiences with body image and eating disorders.  I had the opportunity to run a group with Southeast Asian students at UCLA (Thanks, SEA CLEAR!) and what was discussed was very intriguing.  Intriguing in a sense that it was also sad and sobering.  It’s amazing at how seemingly small statements that we carry throughout our lives echo larger community issues.

I think one of the moments that hit my heart the most was hearing how matter of fact the participants shared their stories of trying to fit an ideal because of different external pressures.  When did it become so matter of fact?  I can only imagine how many times they had to deal with the onslaught of criticisms about themselves from others, to the point that those opinions became objective, instead of subjective.  Was it for a protective layer of aloofness or was it because there wasn’t any more reason to feel anything?
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If you care about the future of parks/park access in your city, it’s time for you to step it up. As I have mentioned before, there is a county-wide needs assessment happening right now to determine the state of parks/need of parks from small unincorporated areas like Lennox to large cities like Long Beach. If you haven’t checked it out, download this list below to see if there’s still time for you to speak up about what you need in your neighborhood. You don’t need any type of expertise to go to these types of meetings; if you have thoughts on how your parks can be improved, GO!!

Community Outreach Meetings Remaining 119-215 (download here)

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#TBT Local Youth Analyze Air Quality, Advocate for Policy Change

I was looking through our old blogs and saw this from over 3 years ago! A lot has changed since then! Thought I’d share for #TBT. 🙂

By Scott Chan

Over the past school year, the Asian and Pacific Islander Obesity Prevention Alliance (APIOPA) has teamed up with Crown and Sceptre, a senior honors society at Mark Keppel High School, to better understand the air that their community members are breathing in Alhambra.

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Do you care about your parks? Well step up and speak out!


By Scott Chan

Hello friends. As I have been sharing, the Department of Parks and Rec is going through a huge process of assessing every single park in Los Angeles County. Yes. Every. Single. Park. They are conducting community meetings where your input is needed in helping to identify not only what needs to be improved/fixed, but also if new parks/facilities need to be created in your neighborhood! This is a big deal, and unfortunately I have concerns that API communities are not going to be properly represented at these meetings and in the final report that will come out of it.

DO YOUR PART! Go here or click on the image above to figure out when your meeting is happening, and make sure you bring up the issues that matter to you. http://lacountyparkneeds.org/community-workshop/

What in the world is the #idealasianbody ??


The issue of body image and eating disorders have been pervasive within the Asian American community. Unfortunately, there are few resources focused on understanding and challenging these problems due to popular belief in stereotypes and stigma.

Through conversations with our own communities, we want to start a movement that will reframe our understanding of what it means to be “beautiful” and redefine a term that has been shaped largely by social and cultural norms, turned pressure.

We want to center this movement around health and wellness and we want to hear your stories.

APIOPA is partnering with Thick Dumpling Skin for the #idealasianbody social media campaign. Join us in our fight for healthier and stronger Asian American communities!


We want to hear your response to this question:


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Biking the LA River


By Scott Chan

This past Sunday, our intern Dean helped coordinate a small bike ride to explore the LA River! It was a fun 15 mile ride along a protected bike lane. Let us know if you’d be interested in joining us for the next ride APIOPA family!

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Gabrielino Trail Hike! Click for Pics


By Scott Chan

This past weekend we hiked along the Gabrielino Trail. If you’re looking for a flat trail that shows you a wealth of nature (AND is close by), I would highly suggest you scope this out. Not only did we get to see the JPL campus, but our guide for the hike also shared a lot about the history of the land, and those who were there before. Check out this map of Tongva villages. We explored the Hahamog’na (spelled Xaxaamonga on the map below).

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