Planting Seeds of Change in 2014


By Kyle Tsukahira

Roots CSA is starting the new year off with a very exciting pilot program in partnership with California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA).  The Asian and Asian American studies department at CSULA recently received grants for six undergraduate students to study and put together a report on the Roots CSA program as well as the impact a “Service Learning Option” will have on fourteen students who will participate in the program.  Basically, the idea behind this program is to offer students an option to get outside of the classroom and learn by doing rather than by simply listening.

Over the next six weeks these fourteen students will not only learn about the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model but also gain hands on experience in community organizing by reaching out to community members in both Historic Filipinotown and Monterey Park.  The students will go through an intensive curriculum aimed at challenging them to think about social, environmental, and food justices issues through the lens of the Roots CSA program.  The ultimate goal of this project will be for the students to create a business proposal to establish a culturally relevant CSA site at CSULA to service students, faculty, and community members who live near the campus.

APIOPA is extremely grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Ping Yao, the Director of the Asian and Asian American Studies program at CSULA, on this innovative program.  Be sure to check back for more updates over the next two months!

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