Scott Visits DC, Gives Obama a High-Five


By Scott Chan

The week of September 14th, Scott had the opportunity to fly out to Washington DC for the Asian and Pacific Islander American Health Forum (APIAHF) VOICES conference. The conference brought together API leaders from all over the nation with the goal of addressing the health disparities we see locally through policy/advocacy at the Federal level.

A few highlights from the conference: IMG_20150914_093653

1. Keynote speaker was our very own surgeon general, Vivek Murthy! Talk about an all-star in the API health world. He shared about the need to look at how the environment can impact health; it’s not just about what we eat and how much we exercise (that’s what we’ve been sayin’!).


2. FLOTUS made a special shoutout to APIAHF and the work we are all doing addressing health disparities in AANHPI communities. Even though she was not there in person, it was great to hear her share her support specifically for AANHPI health advocates and our work to create healthier communities.


3. Scott had the chance to meet up with our US EPA friends. APIOPA is currently partnering with the US EPA around an air pollution project where we educate youth around Los Angeles County about the facts and implications of being so close to sources of air pollution, such as a freeway.


4. Scott stopped by Judy Chu’s office to share more about our work in her district. It’s always such a great feeling to go and visit your elected official as a constituent! Things we discussed include undiagnosed Asian Am. diabetes rates, as well as our work around air pollution with the awesome youth at Mark Keppel High School.

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