Surveying Lennox on Safety: Results


By Scott Chan

For the past year, APIOPA has helped to coordinate the Hawthorne/Lennox Community Safety Coalition. The coalition is a partnership of nonprofits, community groups, and faith groups, with local law enforcement. The coalition formed not only because we all saw the important role safety plays in the health of a community, but also because we were seeing the disconnect between community and law enforcement.

As one of the first big steps for our coalition, we decided to collectively create and collect a safety survey to the community of Lennox. On March 27th from 3-6pm, with volunteers from many of our coalition agencies and law enforcement, we collected 134 surveys!


Below is the tally of what we found. We will be formalizing these results better in the upcoming month, and we will also be presenting these results back to the community, as well as strategizing what to do next.

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