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Launch of FAB Curriculum, POTOPOTO ‘A NIU MUI, Was A Success!

Hawthorne United Methodist Church We finally did it!! We are so happy and proud with how our launch went for the FAB curriculum, POTOPOTO ‘A NIU MUI. It was a success and the turnout was way better than… Read More

Wisdom of Young Coconut Tree

POTOPOTO ‘A NIU MUI, is a Tongan proverb, and is defined as wisdom of young coconut tree. When this tree grows and starts to bear fruit, it produces an innumerable amount of coconuts for its size and maturity…. Read More

An Urgency for Consistent Interruption

Lennox Tongan United Methodist Church The interpersonal violence between Sāmoan and Tongan gangs is nothing new in our communities, especially in Southern California. Before the beef between gangs and colors, there seemed to be this unspoken disdain between… Read More

Health Promotion through Tongan Leaders Development

The Faith Advisory Board (FAB) is thrilled to announce the launch of their curriculum that will kick off later this month! The goal is to bring together young leaders from the Tongan churches to build relationships with each… Read More

APIOPA receives “Visionary non-profit” award from CCPHA!

Very exciting news friends! We received word this past week that we were nominated and awarded the “Visionary Non-Profit” Award by our partners at California Center for Public Health Advocacy. This honor is part of CCPHA’s annual Champions of… Read More

Marathon: Injury Clinic

By Sina Uipi I’ve missed out on the past few weeks of training, but I’m so proud of my fellow team members for continuing to build up their miles and completing a 10k.  It was good to finally… Read More

California Environmental Justice Alliance (CEJA), a Tongan perspective

By Sina Uipi Attending CEJA was my second visit to the state capitol and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was excited to learn more about environmental justice. I appreciate the fact that the majority of… Read More

Tongan Faith Leaders Take the Reigns

Taking the Reins was a new experience for me. Along with me was Katherine, a teenager from my church youth, my cousin Mele, Sina, Scott, and Alisi. We started off with meeting the chickens, ducks, and goats. We… Read More

Run the LA Marathon with APIOPA!

By Scott Chan APIOPA is running LA Marathon 2016! We welcome people of all running levels to join us as we embark on an epic journey these next 6 months. Under the guidance of two amazing coaches (Eddie… Read More

Pacific Islander Research Retreat!

By Sina Uipi Last week I participated in a 3 day research retreat that brought together 16 members of the EPIC Navigators Task Force. As an Islander, I understand the significance of working together for the betterment and… Read More