The Hot Spots Tour


By Scott Chan

Last Saturday, Kyle and Scott joined our partner agency From Lot to Spot, on a bike tour of Hawthorne and Lennox. This was called the HOT SPOTS tour, and it was put together with FLTS, CICLE, and Metro. The goal was to recruit a large group of community members and encourage them to ride through their own streets without fear. Another element of the ride was to show the health work that FLTS has done, which included rebuilding the native flora on the local bike trail, the creation of a community garden, and also the creation of a small pocket park (seen below).


Scott and Kyle were both ride marshalls on this, helping to guide the community through 10 miles of streets. You would be surprised; all the honks we received this day were in support of our movement! This is not to say that it is 100% safe to bike in these communities; it’s a starting point to discuss the importance of supporting bicycle use, and creating better bicycle infrastructure. This discussion around utilizing active transportation is especially important because Hawthorne and Lennox are both at the landing zone of LAX, so air quality, air pollution, and health are of utmost importance!


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