Traffic Safety Research in Chinatown


In the past week, APIOPA was able to collect 59 intercept surveys from pedestrians in Chinatown about their perceptions of traffic safety. While the surveying process continues, the results so far seem to confirm what state traffic accident records indicate — Chinatown vehicle traffic makes for an unsafe walking environment. Nearly half of all respondents indicated they had a near miss with a car when walking in Chinatown, and nearly all indicated that they would walk and bike more if improved pedestrian and cyclist safety infrastructure was implemented.

This data will help further knowledge of pedestrian and bicyclist safety in Chinatown and direct future advocacy work in Chinatown! We hope that a more nuanced understanding of traffic safety will inform and intersect with other ongoing community discussions.

We would like to thank our volunteers, without whom we would not have been able to collect these surveys!

– Sophat Phea
– Phyllis Chiu
– Jenny Thong
– Kit Lee

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