Walking Path Grand Opening in San Gabriel Valley


By Scott Chan

APIOPA hosted a health fair at Sierra Vista Park in the City of Monterey Park this past June. This was the official grand opening event for an American Heart Association-sponsored walking path at the park, in efforts to promote walking as a physical activity. Working with local community members, APIOPA crafted several walking paths around the park, for those who want to walk half a mile to those who want to walk the full mile. Both trails can be found online at:http://www.startwalkingnow.org/path63660

Several health issues affect the Chinese American community including managing diabetes and blood pressure, reducing sodium consumption, and managing weight. In a study on the health status of older adults age 60 and older in California, nearly 70% of older Asian Americans reported at least one chronic disease1. In addition, 54% of older Chinese Americans had high blood pressure, 16% had diabetes mellitus, and 16% had heart disease. This shows the importance of health promotion and outreach to Chinese and Asian Americans and why APIOPA has initiated this project.


Attendees at the health fair had their blood pressures checked, gathered information on healthy living and were shown resources for low-cost medical care in the neighborhood from participating organizations, including AltaMed, Alzheimer’s Association, American Heart Association, Asian Pacific Health Care Venture, Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation, and Chinatown Service Center.

APIOPA would like to an extend a heart-felt thanks to Phyllis Thai, our star intern who planned and coordinated this entire event.

1 Kim, G., Chiriboga, D. A., Jang, Y., Lee, S., Huang, C. H., & Parmelee, P. (2010). Health status of older Asian Americans in California. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society58(10), 2003-2008.

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