What Is Our FATONGIA To Our Health?


By Sina Uipi

Last week FAB had its seventh session, and we explored the Tongan concept of Fatongia and how it relates to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

FATONGIA/responsibility – accountable for something within one’s power.

In Tonga, being active or longo mo’ui is a natural part of being a productive member of the home. All members contribute to all work needed to maintain a healthy household. What is our fatongia in encouraging the same liveliness in our homes so we can foster a mindset of being active while contributing to the everyday lives of our families?


Here in America, physical activity like going to the gym, is something you have to make time for, it is separate from everything else you do. In Tonga, you are constantly in a state of movement, not just physically, but mentally. Being active includes doing chores, mowing the lawn, doing laundry, cleaning the house, etc. It promotes a mindset of forward thinking and a lifestyle of planning ahead. So it’s something that is already built into your daily routine and holds you accountable to your fatongia. How can we apply the same thinking to our lives here so that we can be more active?


Special thanks to our guest speaker, Kuaine Taufa, for joining us and sharing some awesome knowledge about our proverbs. Join us for our next one, April 28, 2016!!

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