Wisdom of Young Coconut Tree


POTOPOTO ‘A NIU MUI, is a Tongan proverb, and is defined as wisdom of young coconut tree. When this tree grows and starts to bear fruit, it produces an innumerable amount of coconuts for its size and maturity. It isn’t until it comes into its maturity that it starts to produce a steady number of coconuts year after year. These are what feeds our families year after year. This speaks to the wisdom and enthusiasm that is produced by young people and young minds as they come into their own growth and maturity. WE MUST CAPITALIZE ON THIS GROWTH AND ENTHUSIASM AS WE MATURE AND TAKE OUR PLACES IN OUR COMMUNITIES, FAMILIES, AND LIVES. The Faith Advisory Board (FAB) is aiming to retell and refocus the way the Tongan community sees HEALTH.

I know, we’ve heard it all, “Eat healthy. Exercise. See your doctor.” But why has it been so hard to curb the early deaths in our community due to heart disease, diabetes, obesity, stroke, cancer, etc.? Year after year, the (early) death numbers keep climbing. If we know it all, why isn’t it making a difference?! Here is our attempt to rethink the way we see our health in these new conditions that American life has provided us. Have you ever examined the way that Pacific Islanders, or Tongans, look at health? Or why we see our lives for what is is? Why are we letting our parents and grandparents suffer these consequences if we can do something about it?
FAB has an opportunity to examine this for the Tongan community and we want YOU to come and learn with us. This will be taught through a Tongan cultural and historical perspective. This is a place where you can learn about Tongan CULTURE, HISTORY, and LANGUAGE that can help reshape the way we love, thrive, and grow as a community. – ‘Alisi Tulua


Come check it out. OCTOBER 29th, 6:00-9:00pm. LOCATION HAS BEEN CHANGED, WILL NOTIFY YOU ALL ASAP, malo ‘aupito!!

**PLEASE RSVP TO suipi@apiopa.org



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