Workshop with Hmong Farmers

By Kyle Tsukahira

Continuing our work in Fresno, APIOPA as part of the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Farmers Market Promotion Program grant, was able to host a workshop helping Hmong farmers learn about the latest rules and regulations surrounding farmers market in California last week. In addition, we also had presentations on two innovative alternative markets (School Farm Stands & Community Supported Agriculture) that can help farmers grow their business  expand their distribution networks, and help ensure everyone has fresh fruits and vegetables to eat. This is a part of a series of workshops that we will be hosting this year! We are excited to continue these workshop later on throughout the year!

Special thanks to Youa Yang, Myca Tran, and Tara Vang for coming out and presenting. As well as the University of California Cooperative Extension – Fresno County for the space to run our workshop

More about Roots CSA and what we are doing reconnecting people with the food, the land and the farmers who grow it here.

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